Alary Farm
  6322 Corrales Road
Corrales, NM  87048
(505) 898-1204

This Saturday October 25th 
we have the last of the Rome Beauty and Golden Delicious apples.  This will be our last day this season.

There are more Golden Delicious and fewer Rome Beautys.
Please watch this site for updates, it will be updated Saturday if we sell out of either variety of apples.  We will not be open Sunday.

Rome Beauty apples are good sized, slightly tart good for eating or cooking, Golden Delicious apples are sweet. 

Cider is sold out for this year.

There will be no Jonagolds, Granny Smiths, Criterions or Black Twigs this year.  The Summer Champions, McIntosh, Jonathans, Jonalicious and Winesaps have sold out for this year. Harvesting started in mid August and ended last week.

Our regular hours are Friday, Saturday
and Sunday 9:00 - 5:00

Due to multiple spring frosts there is a shortage of apples.

All apples are picked and packaged for sale.

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Apple Pie Recipe
Apple Custard Pie Recipe
Crisp Betty
Apple Crisp

We are located approximately 1.5 miles north of the Village of Corrales
Offices and the Wells Fargo bank on the east side of Corrales Road.  

Please watch for the sign "E. Alary Farm" and the address on the corner of the
 tan plastered adobe building "6322" -- or before frost, our beautiful red flowers.

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\Sandia Crest

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 Wagner Corn Maze 
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Alary Farm Subdivision Covenants (Original East Side)

Alary Farm Subdivision Covenants First Amendment (West Side Addition) 

Alary Farm Subdivision Covenants Second Amendment (Tree Height)

Alary Farm Subdivision Covenants Third Amendment (Enforcement)

Alary Farm Subdivision Landowners' Association, Inc. First Amended Bylaws

Alary Farm Subdivision Landowners' Association, Inc. Articles of Incorporation

Same location since 1879

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